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A Father & CEO On Why Gender Equality Starts At Home


Michael Perry, a father of two and the founder and CEO of Maple, an app that helps parents take the stress out of planning and organizing your home, is making it his mission to help normalize caregiving in the workplace for all.

The research shows the majority of caregiving duties continue to fall on the shoulders of women. The truth is that a lack of gender equality is not a woman’s problem or a man’s problem; this is everyone’s problem. That’s in part because most men don’t want to live in a world where they have to live up to the always-on ideal worker norm and feel guilty taking paternity leave or going to their child’s game.

In this episode of the Breaking the Bias podcast, Holly Corbett, VP of Content for Consciously Unbiased, sits down with Michael for a candid conversation that dives into how Michael’s journey to fatherhood changed him, the regrets he had being a leader at Shopify who didn’t consider caregiving duties because he wasn’t yet a parent, and how cis men in heterosexual relationships can help advance gender equality in the home.


Michael Perry, CEO of Maple



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