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Career Coaches On How To Articulate Your Value

Updated: Jan 18


Due to a series of economic downturns, gender-based social norms and the cracked-yet-not-broken glass ceiling, women of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) are sometimes referred to as the “sandwich generation.”

Gen X women are more likely to be working full time and to be a caregiver for children or aging parents—or both. According to the AARP’s Public Policy Institute, by the year 2030, the ratio of people needing care to possible caregivers will be 4-to-1 and by 2050, it will be 3-to-1. This caregiving crisis could have a great effect on both the millennial and Gen Z generation as well. As career and caregiving duties collide for many—especially during the ongoing pandemic—workplaces will need to adapt to better accommodate caregivers.

In this episode of Breaking the Bias, Consciously Unbiased Director of Content Holly Corbertt (virtually) sits down with Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop, co-founders of The Resting Mind, a company that coaches high-achieving, 40+ women who want greater success and more money in their career or their business. They dive into how women and professionals of all intersections can better navigate through the corporate world and be their most authentic selves, all while getting paid what they are worth. The conversation also covers:

  • How to change subconscious beliefs and habits to optimize your outcome.

  • Why working hard does not automatically mean success—and what does.

  • How to recognize what feels right for you intuitively, and what an energy misalignment looks like. How Gen X women can combat ageism, and much more.


Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop, co-founders of The Resting Mind



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