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Mixed: Being Multiracial in America


National Loving Day happens on June 12, and celebrates the anniversary of the historic 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia. This was the ruling that struck down all state laws against interracial marriage in the United States. Until that time, it remained illegal for one person to marry another person if they were of a different race in 17 States across America.

Today multiracial Americans are growing at a rate of three times faster than the population as a whole, according to the Pew Research Center.

In this episode of Breaking the Bias, Holly Corbett, director of Content for Consciously Unbiased, spoke to some multiracial Americans on their experiences of growing up “mixed,” and their hopes for the next generation. What you’ll hear is a snapshot of a personal story, and, while not representative of all people of mixed race backgrounds as each person's story is unique, is a small collection of first-person accounts of growing up multiracial in America. The stories you’ll hear include:

  • One woman on her experiences growing up in South Carolina with parents in an interracial marriage.

  • A mixed race, Native American founder, who shares how she learned to deny her heritage as a child, and her journey to finally embracing it.

  • An African Filipino American man on digging into the history of who you are.

  • A mother of two and Chinese-German first generation American on her hopes for her children as we’ve seen a rise in anti-Asian discrimination during Covid.





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