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Special Episode: How Neurodiversity Makes the Workplace Better


At Consciously Unbiased we believe we are all different; we all belong. Our differences can also be our greatest strengths. Not everyone has strengths that can check a box during the interview process. April is World Autism Month.

In this special episode of Breaking the Bias, Director of Content Holly Corbett interviewed different voices who advocate for neurodiversity, which is the idea that neurological differences, such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD, are a natural variation in the human population, and that neurodiverse people bring unique strengths to the workplace and the world.

With approximately 1% of the global population on the autism spectrum alone, for example, companies who ignore this talent pool are missing out. There are benefits to hiring people with cognitive differences. There is strength in building teams where everyone doesn’t think the same, and some neurodiverse people may excel in areas such as pattern recognition and attention to detail as compared with neurotypical people. That’s why many companies—including SAP, EY, and Microsoft—are revising their HR programs to attract and retain neurodiverse talent. In this episode you’ll hear from Dr. Stephen Shore, who was diagnosed with autism as a child and recommended to be institutionalized.

Today Dr. Shore is a professor at Adelphi University and travels the world speaking to audiences about self-advocacy for those on the spectrum. He is also the author of more than five books. You'll also hear from Hiren Shukla, founder of EY’s Neurodiversity Center of Excellence; Gena Mann, co-founder of Wolf + Friends, an app that is like a meet-up for the parents of kids with special needs, as well as other voices.





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